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South Korea Info
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On this home page, I'll introduce the country of South Korea and highlight important areas on my site.

“Until the East Sea goes dry and Maektu Mountain falls, May our glorious nation last, and God preserve its walls…” Standing erect in straight lines, children wearing uniforms on the front yard of an elementary school begin singing their national anthem, “Aegug-ga” or translated into English, “Love of Country.”

Despite the fact that it has been conquered by Japan for several years, South Korea has managed to preserve many of its unique traditions, look forward to the future, and become one of the world’s largest industrialized countries. It is the most digitally connect country in the world and is also known as the heliport capital of the world. Barely the size Indiana, South Korea has made one of the largest comebacks in history after the Korean War, making it one of the most singular nations of most beautiful nature and culture.

A picture of traditional dancing:


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