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South Korea Info
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There are many sites to see in South Korea, both natural and man-made. For the full Korean experience, a visitor would travel by subways in the heart of Seoul, taxis in the suburb, and ferries around the islands. Korean cuisine is steadily becoming internationally known. Travelers would be expected to try traditional dishes, such as kimchi, bulgogi, and bibimbap. In Korea, people can visit Korean culture museums and centers such as the National Center for Korean Traditional Performing Arts, Namsangol Traditional Korean Village, and Unhyeongung Palace, where visitors can see a reenaction of many traditional ceremonies including Queen Myeongseong’s Wedding Ceremony. Those who are young at heart can join the Boryeong Mud Festival at Daecheon Beach where anyone of any age can do fun activities in mud, or for the milder, the Lotus Lantern Festival, where Jogyesa Temple lights up with flower lanterns. Whether one is rolling around in mud or strolling down a lane of spring cherry blossoms or fall Japanese maples, South Korea is truly a country of beautiful traditions and nature.

Though small in size, South Korea is grand. There are so many sites to see, one could say even one month doesn’t suffice. Chejudo Island, Popju Temple, Chongjeyon Waterfall, and Bulguksa Temple are only a few places to visit. People can see the headquarters of Hyundai or see popular cellular phones made at LG. Sports fans can visit the Seoul 2002 World Cup Stadium or the Jamsil Olympic stadium where Korea hosted the 1988 Olympics. Travelers can also go to the Tae-kwon-do Memorial Hall and learn about the international sport that started in Korea. These features and many more sincerely make South Korea exceptional.

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